Thursday, April 16, 2020

For everybody

Back before covid-19 I used to get a little upset with the authorities when I saw a flag at half mast. I felt the deceased was done a disservice because didn't know why the flag was at half staff. I get emails and texts. early every morning from the city, state and federal government telling me that alternate side of the street parking is suspended or there's extra traffic or the schools my kids don't go to anymore or closed for a religious holiday that nobody observes. But if they're going to pull the flags halfway down I would think they should send out a little notice telling us which governmental employee died in the line of duty. Sometimes, I would look it up and figure out who passed.

Well today I had to jump out of the house to make a quick trip to the hardware store and the post office. I saw the flag in front of my kids old school at half mast and for a second I wondered who had died. then I remembered that I was wearing a non-medical face covering and being very conscientious not to touch anything. it is the era of covid-19

But this pandemic isn't closed over yet and we've lost hundreds of teachers, police officers, MTA employees, sanitation workers Etc. Everybody walking down 7th Avenue know somebody who is sick, and everybody is no less than 1 degree separated from someone who passed away.

Anyway, when I got home I was greeted by this wonderful artwork in the doorway of my building. There will always be Joy.

And on my way home and on my way home there were still these beautiful flowers


You do not have to be nice!

This is not me

This is not me
Not me.

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