Thursday, November 5, 2020

Best team building exercise ever

For 6 days before election day.  I worked as a poll worker at the early voting site at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn. (then I took a day off to run the New York City Marathon and then worked election day.) There were a large handful of early voting sites in Brooklyn to put the Barclays Center was new and is  newy iconic.  If something can be new and iconic at the same time. So there was usually a media truck outside and a lot of people are giving us free food. The Barclays PR department set up a photoshoot in New York Magazine. Here is the digital EditionBelow is the segment with my picture. And the obvious typos were not my fault.

But don't just look at my picture and my story. Look at everyone. I'm actually enjoying looking at everyone because these are the people I worked with. I was there for 6 days in a row.  Some of them were there for as many days and a few just for a couple of days. But I got to chat with almost everybody.

It was a really great experience being with them. I couldn't tell if they were there for the money or there to be patriotic. Some people might have had advanced degrees others might not have graduated high school. We weren't allowed to talk about politics. But we all had at least one thing in common.....Oh, We had ONE thing in common.  We were all citizens of Kings County. We were all equal.  

We all got there early in the morning and stayed until we were all done. 

We all shared the free food.

We all took Joy when we encountered a first-time voter. Whether they were 18 or 81. 

This was the best team building exercise I ever participated in. And now I feel like I am that much more a teammate with everybody else I see you in the street.

It shouldn't have to be a requirement but participating this way in democracy  would solve so many problems



You do not have to be nice!

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This is not me
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