Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Lucky [White] Man

 I used to run all over the place. Well I kind of still do, but I used to run a lot and everywhere.  I never hesitated to go through neighborhoods that some people thought might have been kind of sketchy.  The ungentrified parts of New York City are often the most interesting. I usually run early in the day and any hoodlum knew I had nothing a value. 

yeah, I grew up in Brooklyn and I knew how to handle myself.

I shared my running routes with many of my friends. It was a while ago but I had a moment of Enlightenment when one of my female friends ask me if I went alone when I run. In the time it took me to say yes I realized that I was doing something she couldn't do.

So I joined with my running club and ran 2.23 miles.

It's bad enough to think I'm lucky they don't have to worry about sexual predators but it's crazy to think did I should be lucky not to be chased down and killed because of the color of my skin.

It's crazy that I even have to think about this. It's crazy that I'm kind of a luckiest person on the planet. Or I'm part of a subset of people who just happened to be born really lucky. I was lucky to be born White and lucky to be born a man. Been taking this for granted for a very long time. Going to try to stop

I've been thinking about black-and-white a lot lately. Both because it's been in the news and I have a lot of extra time on my hands. I was thinking of adding to this blog and enumerating all of my youthful adventures / crimes I was involved in where I only got away with them because of my charms and good looks.  When looking back it wasn't that I looked good it's what I looked like that got me out of going to jail or being beaten up by the cops. But that's not what I'm thinking about now.

I'm thinking about one thing from my youth. I had a summer job working at a beach club and my uncle was my boss. I had to hire someone to work with on weekends. I remember the only person that came to mind for me to hire with one of my friends who happened to be black. I mentioned that to my uncle and I remember his answer distinctly. He said it's okay with me but some of the patrons might not be happy. Looking back I don't think about my uncle's answer. What gives me pause is the fact that I had to ask the question.

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