Friday, September 17, 2021

Oh Crap, the school kids are back on mass transit

MTA ridership hits close to 3 million Tuesday,
a day after setting pandemic record
Two years ago I used to be the guy that would think twice about getting on a city bus at 3 p.m..  I tried to avoid bedtime because it was full of  hormones with feet otherwise known as middle school kids.  Also, the buses would smell like ketchup and AXE.  My balance is not great but I don't look like the guy that needs a seat and these kids are pretty oblivious. Not necessarily bad kids just oblivious kids who might need to be reminded that the front seats in buses aren't for kids who just want to sit and play video games.

And so they're back! At first I had a small moment of dread because I kind of got used to not having to fight over the front seat in the bus.  But, you know what, I'm really glad they're back.

And I overheard this in front of PS 321 between a couple of 9 year old boys.

" I missed you so much last year.... I have to tell you what I learned....  I learned the best yoga pose to help you fart."

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