Friday, July 15, 2022

me; unedited

This week I managed to make it to two different videos.  

First, my friend Chris is making some short videos about people who are disability rights advocates. Here is that interview. Please check out the video and subscribe to Chris's YouTube channel.      

And this Sunday I have volunteered to help organize The Disability Unite Festival. It's a free ticket at event that is going to take place at the Bandshell in Central Park.My role is to help people to getfrom the entrance of Central Park to the event.It's about a quarter mile walk but it's not that intuitive, Especially if you haven't been in Central Park before.So I'm organizing some volunteers to make sure people get from point A to point B and then at the end of the day back to point A. Earlier this week I did a walk through of that walk with the event director.I didn't think she was serious about making a video of me describing the walk but here it is.One take,No rehearsing not much thought before I opened my mouth. Enjoy

Travel Orientation Videos 
Our festival tour guide, Michael Ring, has made a series of short videos to help you navigate your way to the Festival’s Central Park entrance.

Video #1: Arriving at the Festival (72nd St & 5th Avenue)

Video #2:- Directions continued 

Video #3 - We’re almost there…
There will be crossing guards present to assist at this cross walk.

Video #4 - You've arrived at the Festival!

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