Monday, September 5, 2022

more street views

 I was walking home and came to a full stop the other day because I saw this flower. I was on 8th Avenue just a block from my house. I actually touched it to see if it was real.It was growing on a vine along the fence and it was the only flower.

Then I realized on the other side of the house was one of my favorite signs. This sign has been on that house for just about as long as I have lived in the neighborhood. That would be the late '80s. 

I kind of like the concept of having to explain that your boss can't give you permission to violate my rights.

Below is the Google Street View of the side of the house.You can kind of see the sign but cannot make out the words.If you play with the Google Street View you can swing around to the front of the house.The house that correctly across the street is kind of famous because Chuck Rhodes and his family used to live there

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