Sunday, July 30, 2023

It's always there

Sometimes I like to remind myself that for the most part everything I've ever seen is still there. Well, the big things.  Last week I was reminded of that. Every Thursday night I meet some of my friends to go for a run.We meet and also what's the weather but honestly if the weather is really terrible we just eat pizza.But last Thursday it was over 90°I'm running around Prospect Park was not a good idea. But I had a better idea.Let's just go for a walk under the trees where it's cool.

We kind of meandered around the park.  On the middle of our walk we got to The Boathouse. I have lots of memories of that place. When my kids were little we used to drop in there on a regular basis to enjoy the Autobahn activities that was set up. I remember that they were very little and it was one of the first times I felt comfortable letting them out of my sight so I can enjoy a cup of coffee in a different room. The Autobahn Center as well as the coffee house are now gone.Prospect Park prefers to use that building for weddings and other events. I got to attend a wedding in that building. It was kind of neat.But now my newest memory of that building was just walking by.   

we also stopped to look at this cool bird.

and we stop to look at this cool tree

i don't want to sound too philosophical but every now and then if I can fall asleep I remind myself that that boat house and that stream with the waterfall and the frogs and the weird bird ....they're all still there.Even though it might be dark it's going to get light again and you'll be able to see these things.If I go over to that tree which is only about a mile away I can remember that my friends were looking at it

i only live a couple of blocks from where we all post for that picture at the entrance to Prospect Park at Garfield Place. I can walk back there whenever I want.  Might not be a bunch of us posing for a picture but I can go to that spot and remember what we did 

By the way my friend Larry took all the pictures I'm using here today. Click on the link below to view the Photo Album.


  1. Hiya mike ! Thanks for sharing snd posting your thoughts and mrmories, for sure Prospect Park s

  2. Hiya Mike , Thanks for sharing and posting your
    thoughts , for sure Prospect Park s dust and dirt are forever on your sole !


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