Friday, November 24, 2023

Yesterday was Thanksgiving

 I could post about food or just turkeys or about the 5-mile race I did yesterday. But I'm going to get a little sentimental...

I take a lot of ride share, so I meet a lot of people when they're driving me around. yesterday when I was being driven home to Park Slope from Sheepshead Bay the driver showed me his phone and asked and broken English if this was the best route. I told him it was. I told him I usually trust Google because it knows where the traffic is.

When he showed me the map he also told me that is English was not good "That's why I show."I don't mind chatting with the drivers so I asked them where he was from. He said Ukraine.I have been here 7 months.."I asked him if everyone in his home was okay and he said 'Yes. We are from Crimea. "

His English was terrible and there was a lot of traffic so I didn't really see the need to continue the conversation. But I did look out the window. If you look at the map you'll see a little object in the upper left hand corner. That's the Statue of Liberty.She's quite visible from the Brooklyn Queens Expressway. From the BQE of Liberty looks kind of like the picture below that I stole from this website. Think you can always see the torch.

Sitting in the back of that Prius with the refugee behind the wheel I started thinking about the Statue of Liberty and Thanksgiving at the same time. Thinking about all my grandparents escaping Poland. I didn't say nothing else to the driver, but when I got out I welcomed him to New York. I thought about a lot of things. If you have a few minutes try to give them some thought as well

I only decided to post this because just now this all in the family clip came across the front of my computer screen.

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