Sunday, September 7, 2008

Last day for Astroland (again)

Today my son was lucky enough to be invited to his Oscar's 8th Birthday Party. So it was my good fortune to take him to Astroland.

There is mixed news on if it will ever reopen, NY1, Fox, Channel 7 News, and CBS say it will close forever after tonight. Gabe Pressman did a nice spot for WNBC. The New York Times says the owner of the land wants a year round amusement park there. Here is a more objective side of the story from Coaster-net.

The New York Times interviewed one of the park workers

"Jose de la Cruz, a 40-year-old Brooklyn resident, began working at Astroland eight years ago, and has operated its Pirate Ship ride since 2003. Mr. de la Cruz has worked at amusement parks since he was 16 and dropped out of high school, after deciding that he preferred a carny’s life to classrooms.

“Sometimes there are drunk people, and sometimes people toss their cookies in the air — it ain’t a pretty sight and I got to clean it up,” he said. “But I’m going to miss it. I enjoy seeing people having fun, being so terrified and then afterwards walking off, their legs shaking, saying ‘I did it.’ ”"

I would have liked have met him but I would not shake his hand!

Besides the news crews there lots of 25 year old taking pictures with their I-phones. They looked like they had not seen daylight in weeks, let alone gone to a kiddie ride park. I don't know why they showed up on the last day to take a picture.

There were also people passing around petitions and asking me send a letter to the Mayor so that we can Save Astroland. I almost yelled at one of the old ladies who shoved a petition in my face. I told her that the Mayor in only interested in development, not preservation and if she really wanted to do something to save Astroland she should SPEND SOME MONEY THERE. OK, I really did not say that but I wrote it here. I am pretty far left on most issues but the City has no business telling a landlord to make less money than he thinks he can. What we can ask the City to do is to spend a few million dollars on the Aquarium and make it, and the rest of Coney Island, a real tourist destination. Thus, making Astroland profitable.

End of rant

We did have an absolutely great time. I had some fun with the camera too!

But, I could never taken pictures this good.

Thanks Anne-Marie and Yolanda for taking better pictures!!


  1. You found a $12 card just today??? Wow-you know what you need? You need to find a winning lottery ticket that somebody dropped-LOL!


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