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Fecal Matter in the 7th Ave. B/Q station

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Post Fri Mar 20, 2009 12:52 pm EST

Spain wrote:
My boyrfriend and I saw a homeless guy taking a crap on the entrance of the 7th ave Q/B station not that long ago. It was so gross and the guy on the booth was watching it without blinking. When we told him, he said he had eyes and told us it wasn't our problem. It was around 9pm...they next they the giant shit still there...DISGUSTING!
They should have public bathrooms at they don't need to share their crap with the rest of us.

My reply:

A homeless person should not have to crap in the subway. There are (somewhat) public bathrooms in restaurants and stores just up the stairs from that station. There are bathrooms in Prospect Park , the library and in the Atlantic/Pacific Subway station. You can use the bathroom at any hospital's ER or a police station 24/7. The choices are not great buy all better than the public areas of the subway.

If a person is taking a crap in the mezzanine level of a busy subway station at 9pm he is in need of and asking for help. If taking a shit in front of a token clerk is not a scream for help, I don't know whit is.

The token clerk should have called the police, not (only) to arrest him, but to get him off the streets and the care he needs.

The system has failed. Especially if that shit stayed there overnight!
Don't get me started

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  1. Why are we calling the individual in the booth a "token clerk"? There are no tokens. There are machines selling metrocards. The union representing those individuals justifies their continued employment by claiming they're the eyes and ears of the transit system, responsible for ensuring public safety.


  2. I call them token clerks for the same reason I call the thing between 5th and 7th Ave in Manhattan 6th Ave.

    The Union only represents the Union. Remember the strike a few years ago.

    In any case that MTA employee was not doing his/her job.

  3. that was a great reply to the comment about the man who took a shit in the subway....I am proudof you.....

    Love Ya, Mom

  4. I am totally quoting this - "If taking a shit in front of a token clerk is not a scream for help, I don't know what is."


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