Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Post Industrial Brooklyn, The Future is lookin good

I ran to from Park Slope to Bay Ridge and back today. Took my camera and made some observations....

The reason I took my camera was to take this picture. In front of a muffler shop on 4th Ave and 20th St. there is a family made of mufflers. Mom, Dad, kid (held above Dad's head) and a dog. Kinda nice, not only did someone go to the effort to make it, but they put it out every morning and put it back at closing. Tens of thousands drive by every day and most do not notice it. I also ran by with 40,000 of my closest friends on the first Sunday in November, I did not notice it. I bet they were closed. Sometimes ya just gotta slow down to notice cool things. I did. I am gonna contact Meineke central. they should put shop #194 on their website, not the all-looking-alike stores they have on their home page. They actaully look like a muffler shop in Disney Land

I also ran by PS 172. The next block is a gas station. Look what they do at the gas station to protect pedestrians. The keep the kids away from the pumps and the drivers don't use the sidewalk as a road. What a drastic difference to he uncaring world of the Suburban Wasteland I visited last week and Brooklyn. Nice

I like this picture. I reminds me of Spring. Ya know that the green buds push their way up through frozen mud. Here people set up a Santa and some cloths to give away in March. Look how near they live to a 4 lane commercial road and an elevated highway. Joy pushed up through the muck.

I think I found the origin of the problem. Just the other side of the highway there is a park. They streets were laid out by Robert Moses. He called this a park. New Yorkers overcame a lotta crap to live in the neighborhoods touched by Robert Moses. (AKA That Bastard) That patch of dirt is actually on the Park's Dept. maps and is called Park Strip. What a joy to hang out in, not.

I ran back as close the the water as possible.

This castle became a warehouse.

And down the road from this warehouse, there is a whorehouse. (Well, maybe not, but it is a tittie bar)

I was not allowed to take this picture
of the Brooklyn Army Terminal

But this is the view from behind the Army Terminal

I also ran by the Federal Prison
I did not take this picture, it is from their website. The guards were serious about "no photographs". I was not gonna push my luck. In October of 2001 I ran there. When I was a block from the building I noticed that the road was blocked by a van. I man got out wearing body armor (not just a bullet proof vest, he was like a human tank.) Then another man got out wearing the same armor but also holding the biggest gun I ever saw. The first man pointed toward Sunset Park and said, "Halt, go that way." It was the most unambiguous statement I ever heard. There was not a molacule of my body that was going to do anything but "Halt" and "go that way." No questions... The guards at Federal Prisons in October of 2001 were not taking any crap.

A block away I passed Rossman Fruit and Vegetables

I am told they have the freshest Fruits and Vegetables in Brooklyn. If you need a thousand apples they are the place to go.

Next door is Alekwan Corp Middle Eastern Grocery.

Chickens don't get any fresher

Here is the whole roll of film.....


  1. Great shots! Got to go to Rossman's one day.

    And, congrats on your new blog assignment, I can't wait to read it!

    BTW, why didn't I know there was a Federal prison in Brooklyn??

  2. The prison is the first big building on the right when you are on the Gowauus Exp. going towards Staten Island. You would never know if your were not on 3rd Ave.

  3. I recognize the building now that I see it, just never knew that is what it was! you are great Michael! love being your friend, i learn so much!

  4. How you guys manage to run all those miles is beyond me. I didn't know about the Federal prison either. Something new every day! Wonder if they'll ever get around to building the Sunset Park waterfront park. It would be beautiful but the stars do not seem to be aligned.


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