Tuesday, August 25, 2009

DDC day 26: It is good to know high people in low places or low people in high places

My son's best friend's dad's nephew is a member of the Plainview Town Pool (Actually called Plainview-Old Bethpage Community Park). So we got to spend the day at the pool! The three kids had a wonderful time and the two dads got to "sit by the pool".

Very nice


  1. Wow! 2 days of togetherness for you all of you, are you sick of my guys yet? LOL

    Glad you liked the pool, I hear even the girl had a good time and was almost as loud and rowdy as the 2 boys!

    By the way, you could have just said "the boy's best friend's cousin" ;)

  2. The boy's best friend's dad's mothers, son's son.

    I just got lost.

  3. You got a little carried away with yourself there.....

  4. How come no blog I left Florida to se my grandkids and went to Wayn N.J. no 20 minute drive to plainview. sat at the pool 4 hours The boy & girll are in the pool all the time no blog how come Nicholas did not wount to sleep in the same room snoring to loud how come no blog. We all have pools in fla.are we in hiugh places how come Will you print this GRANDPA

  5. Hey, you were in my home town. I've been in that pool a million times and with my kid. Did you notice my cousin's playing scrabble in the shady area at the table next to your chairs?


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