Saturday, August 1, 2009

Rockerfeller State Park

The Prospect Park Track Club took a little road trip this morning. We drove up to Sleepy Hollow NY and ran in Rockefeller State Park. Now I know why Khalid Khannouchi moved to Ossining from Brooklyn.

I was told that we would be running on bridal paths. I was kinda confused, my world if bridal paths is the rocks and ruts of Prospect Park. (Might be) Good for horses not for runners. These were different, they were maintained 10 foot wide cinder and gravel paths. You could not even tell that they were used for horses.

The plan was to run for two hours. Meat back at the cars in two hours. That meant something different for me than for the other 11 runners. They are much faster then me. No worries. A friend of one of my teammates lived near the Park and met us there. She ran at my pace. There have been many times that I gave running tours of Brooklyn. Today the favor was returned to me. Our paces were pretty well matched and she made me feel comfortable it this alien environment. (We saw deer and a sign warning us about coyotes.)

I wish that I did not forget that I remembered to bring my camera. Would of inserted picture here of coyote the warning sign. Not the deer, everybody knows what a deer looks like.

But my running partner du jour only wanted to run for an hour. Fine with me, I had an hour to get lost and unlost. I just ran for 30 minutes having no idea where I was going. I probably made some little loops but mostly ran along a stream. I borrowed the photo at right from the Photo Gallery of the Friends of Rockefeller State Park Preserve. It is what the trails looked like, except sometimes they went UP or DOWN. Also, there was not a cloud in the sky, but most of the trails were totally shady. Nice

The also provided the map below. I am glad I did not have it. Running aimlessly was fun. I was alone and did not know my way back, but I never felt lost.

Looking at the map does not help me at all it figuring out where I was.


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  2. Sounds like quite the adventure, and a great place to get lost.

    I enjoyed trail running (before parenting) and look forward to starting again soon.

  3. Rockefeller State Park sounds like a really awesome place to run!!!

  4. Beautiful! Was it buggy? The only thing that dissuades me from the bridle path around Split Rock golf course this time of the year is the huge, hungry, swarming bugs.

  5. No bugs, not a one. Go for it Mrs Duffy! Just bring water

  6. Way to go!
    Oops the comment I left the other day did not seem to follow the right directions and got lost... it had no map, lol

  7. dood, enlarge that great shot!

    Thanks for your recent prayers and support re my recent surgery and quick recovery. God Bless you!

  8. Ken, It is not my photo. I wish I could take credit. Go to the Photo gallery of Friends of Rockefeller State Park


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