Monday, August 3, 2009

Things are looking good on 9th Street

From Smith Street all the way to Prospect Park 9th Street is getting a little love. To the right is two view of the new green bike lane as seen from under the Smith/9th Street Subway Station and over the Gowanus Canal. They were also installing a stop sign a the back exit from Lowes.

Between 2nd and 3rd Avenues the residents named their trees. I guess it is tough to live across the street from a garbage truck garage.

I had a slow leak in my tire fix there on Sunday. They did a great job. He did not stop looking when he found the leak. There were two! Last year I saw they were taking the sign down for the flat fix place. I thought they were going away, to be replaced by another fancy thing that I do not need. My angst was for nothing, they were getting a nicer sign. Enlarge it, you will see that they balance and change batteries.

Just up the hill from 3rd Ave they is a great start to a really cool car.

It has just gotten a lot easier to cross 4th Ave. A little "Traffic Calming". Yoo Hooo!!!

We just gotta keep people out of the bike lane when they gotta get something in CVS or drop in to the Y. There were plenty of spots and CVS has a parking lot.

Here is the view from the Park. That SUV was pulling out of a spot, so I did not fold it's mirror in.


  1. Nice shots. I like the one of the old rusted car.

  2. I expected the signs on the trees to be tacked up, but they are not. :-) People park in the street and bike lane? No cops around I guess.

  3. Drivers have a massive seance of entitlement here in Brooklyn (Maybe everywhere). But here we have to share. Getting tickets is part of the cost of living

  4. That is our go to flat fix place. Nice honest guys and they do a good job, love them!

    Cute about the names on the trees, the guy we met at Tip Top on Friday lives on that block, but I highly doubt he is naming his trees, lol.


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