Tuesday, September 1, 2009

25 Years ago I woulda taken this as a challange

Spotted on Third Ave and E 72nd St. So Upper East Side.

I would not steal the bike, but I woulda messed with it.

It is a good thing (for me) that I was with my kids, I was gonna piss on the note
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  1. Haha, I'm just at the right time in my life to mess with them. I'm in. What an uptight sissy.

  2. I'm in too!! LOL!

    I would have at least turned the note upside down!

  3. about 10-15 years ago, I had ideas about putting such notes up on my bike, but like so many of my thoughts, it was pretty dumb.

    Yeah it'd be pretty hard to resist at least kicking it and running away.

  4. Shouldn't this sign also be translated into 3 other languages? This is NYC after all.


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