Tuesday, September 1, 2009

DDC Day 30: Mini Golf on Randalls Island

Mini golf really works for nine year olds. I can say that because the kids had a great time. Even though this mini gold course was a dump. Literally and figuratively. We went to the Randalls Island Golf Center. Literally because Randalls Island is built from landfill.

But figuratively because the mini golf course coulda used a little (or some) maintenance. Their web site shows nice pictures of fountains and waterfalls, but not-so-much. Just a lot so standing water. The trash pails had not been emptied in a week (Unless we just missed a drunken early Monday morning party.)

We also took a "shuttle van" to get there. Kinda fun. But I would have rather taken the city bus, but I could not figure out how the bus route and the golf course overlap. I did not want go exploring with three Nine-Year-Olds an island that has a Maximum Security Mental Hospital.

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