Saturday, September 26, 2009

Us and Them

Sometimes you have to be counted among the US.

Today the Westboro Baptist Church (please click on the link so you can see who they are) came to my neighborhood, the protested in front of my kids old after school center, The Garfield Temple.

They are crazy... The sang anti-Semitic songs to the melody of Tradition from Fiddler on the Roof. The Rabbi said in the name of the god of Grocho Marks lets salute them.

The saddest thing about them is the fact that 2 of the 7 of them where small children.

This is their car.

And some more photos

And some good media coverage


  1. It is very sad that thers is so much hate becouse of a persons bbelief or color.
    Sometimes it is best to ignore them. Somtimes just tell them the truth Jedus died a jew.
    Thanks for this blog.

  2. oh my gracious!!!!!!!!! the world just keeps going down hill. :*(

  3. Who exactly invited them and why did they think their message would be welcome? I see the group has been all over Brooklyn - including at my son's school, Tech. This level of intolerance is completely outrageous!

  4. I'm back I went walking and this was on my mind the whole time; when did free speech become "free to hate?".

  5. Thank you for sharing this - exposing this type of hatred just increases awareness and hopefully, encourages others to THINK about how they see their fellow man. The God I know doesn't even know how to hate...anyone - ever. So I'm not sure who they are petitioning for.

  6. Some very sad people in this world.
    Its a pity they expose kids to this kind of hatred. we all have our beliefs, God is the final judge

  7. So sad. So horrible. Such hatred, I can't imagine it. It just amazes me, and saddens me that they are teaching this to their children.

  8. holy shit these people!

  9. Crikey, that man is a lunatic. I think the response was entirely appropriate.


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