Thursday, September 24, 2009

Some cool things I saw this week

I have photographed this bike before, but this time the picture is a little different. In the basked there is a shopping bag. It contains about 2,500 metrocards. Since I saw this bike in the early summer the owner left me a comment, I replied and the next thing ya know I am giving him my unneeded metrocards. His work can be seen here. It is kinda cool to contribute in some way to art. Like when I was in college and put a white coat of paint on the art gallery between exhibits.

Speaking of a art I was next door to the Guggenheim today. These are not building supplies. It is the parts of an exhipit that will open in October. I will go back and see the whole thing.

Back in Brooklyn I saw some changes on 3rd Street. Last year this building looked like this (never mind, in looking for an old photo on the internet I found that Brownstowner took the before and after picture for me)

Anyway I took this picture across the street


  1. Wow, the metrocard art is so cool. Thanks for blogging it.

  2. I've seen that bike too. So crazy that the artist found you through your blog! Smaller world than we think


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