Saturday, November 28, 2009

Back to the Regular Run

I met up with the regular group for the regular run.  It was my first time running more than 5 miles since the Marathon.  I walked up the hill from 4th Ave.  It's OK.

I took this picture of a sign on the post of the volley ball court that is set up near the water in Batty Park City.

I am gonna pass it along to my favorite obnoxious blog,  Yea, it is passive aggressive.

I saw a nicer sight in the East River.  It was hard to notice.  In fact it was camouflaged. Two weeks ago we visited the Intrepid.

Parked in the next pier was the USS New York it looked like a lean mean fighting machine. Well now it is parked at the end of Atlantic Ave.

Do you see the little blue booth on the right side of the photo. There was an open gate next to it.  I ran in like I belonged.  That did not work to long.  This photo was snapped through a fence.

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