Friday, November 27, 2009

Turducken - food with paparazzi

It was not as barbaric as i thought it would be.  In my mind there would be a chicken shoved up the cavity of a duck that was pushed up the back end of a giant turkey.  In fact it was quite civilized.  If you think about it most food that comes out of a factory is reassembled.  Last week I got myself in trouble by asking my kid a math question at dinner.  I made chicken legs.  I told them I bought two packages of 6 legs and asked them how many chickens there were.  The both proudly said 6 chickens.  I said "No, the answer is anything between 6 and 12, but most likely 12.  Why should we think any pair of legs in a package came from the same chicken."  The kids stopped eating.

Anyway, Here is how it is done. 

You see, the turkey is cut open, flattened and the internal bones are removed, then a duck breast is laid on top, then a chicken breast.  Add some spices and then role it up and tie it up.  It looks like a turkey, but it is more like a poultry sausage with wings and legs..  After you cut the limbs off the bird it got sliced up like a chunky meatloaf.

It made for a lot of fun.  Note in the photo at left the other photographer.  It's unveiling was quite exciting.  It was food with paparazzi.

The most photogenic moment of Thanksgiving was the sunset.  My puny camera did in no justice.  But it will always be in my mind


  1. Great math problem for your kids!! Still unsure about the duck/turkey thing. I'd have to try it...

  2. and how many cows go into a lb of chop meat?

  3. How did it taste? Did you like it? did the kids eat it?

  4. Denise, it tasted like unremarkable dry turkey.

  5. The kids ate some, and I have some in the house, but it is no big deal

  6. I heard about Turducken- that it's delicious!

    That sunset is gorgeous - just a sliver of red.


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