Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Liberty Pole

"The first Liberty Pole was erected on November 25, 1783 at the end of the Revolutionary War. The flag of the new republic, a flag with thirteen stars and bars, was hoisted to the top of this first Pole. Traditionally, poles such as this one were associated with celebrations of peace accompanied by marching, music and other festivities made popular after the British evacuation."

Where else should I go on Evacuation Day.  226 years ago today the British formally left New York City.  The flag atop the pole on this site was probably the last thing they saw as they sailed away.

The pole is not 226 years old, it is the 6 pole to be on that same spot.  Each pole got a plaque.  When they installed a new pole they moved the old plaques to it.

One gets a great view of the flag and the pole from the City bound platform of the D/M Train at 18th Ave.  You can plainly see that the flat has 13 stars, just like the flag that was hoisted up there 226 years ago

Below is a little video I took of the Flag and the pole.

From Liberty Pole

It costs only $10 to join the Friends of Historic New Utrecht
New Utrecht Liberty Pole Association. If you click this you will be get a printable application. Join if you want, I did.  Remember the people who raised that flag fought a war so we can be free.

I don't know my George W Bush sent those solders to Iraq and Afghanistan, they are not fighting for my freedom.  Let's support our troops by bring them home now.


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