Sunday, November 22, 2009

So when does everything come to life?

That is what I asked the guard at the Museum of Natural History last night at about 11pm.  He answered with a smile, "The timing of that event is based on  your imagination".

Well the Sleepover event at the Museum of Natural History called "A Night at the Museum"  is nothing like the movie "A Night at the Museum".  They happen in the same place but that is about it.  My son and I got to share a birthday experience with one his friends.  Not so much a party, there were four of us and 596 other guests who slept on cots all over the Museum.  We slept under The Whale in the Hall of Ocean Life.  I think is was the biggest sleeping area with about 250 cots.

So we walked aground the museum with flashlights.  I gotta admit being in a dark room with a T-Rex is a little creepy.  I was happy to go into the Extreme Animals exhibit.  When it opened I was a little confused.  Why should I go to a museum to see a platypus?  They are not extinct, they are just weird.  I actually found a website that lists what animals are in which zoos.  I was gonna plan a vacation around the zoo that had a platypus.  Not so much, it is illegal to take a platypus out of Australia..  I told this story to the docent who was hanging out with the platypus. He told me his day job is at the Bronx Zoo.  He said a platypus used to live in the basement of the building he works in now.  Just 60 years ago.

He let me take a photo of this stuffed platypus.


  1. Ya know Kyooty, Phineas and Ferb and iCarley have become my 2 favorite shows. Thanks for reminding how happy I am to be at this stage in my life.


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