Saturday, December 12, 2009

Another Reason it is great to live in NYC We have our own circus.

For the fourth year in a row the mother-in-law to us the the Big Apple Circus.  Much better than the animal exploiting Ringling Bros.  They even said all the dogs they use are rescues dogs.  That made me enjoy the show a little more.

But the fun started at dinner.  We went to the mostly fancy O'neals' Lincoln Center Restaurant for dinner.  When the waiter came over and asked if we wanted anything to drink before dinner my 9 and a half year old son said, "What kind of milk do you have?"  He is just like me.  We start laughing and he said "What, I am serious."

Then I took this cool picture of the fountain in front of Lincoln Center.

On the way in Grandma was posing for photos.  The kids were camera shy, but I got to talk to him for a second.  I got to tell home how much I enjoyed his work and how good he is at his job.  It is a treat to watch someone who both enjoys their work and is good at it.  It works out well when they are in the entrainment industry.

The even announced it is ok to take pictures if you  don't use your flash.  Here is a little college.

Here is a nice Youtube Video

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  1. Oh it's definitely that exciting time of year again. The Big Apple Circus shares it's birthday with me, and when I was 5 I went to the circus and was given a free trip to disney world by this most wonderful circus. And so hearing of this circus brings me warm feelings.


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