Sunday, December 6, 2009

How the Internet Actually Imporved My LIfe

I have always had a bad  time running home from the Williamsburg Bridge.  Getting there from East River is nice and easy and the Bridge itself if great.  But I have often tried to find a way other then Bedford and Lafayatte Avenues to get me back to Grand Army Plaza.  I know them because I run the NYC Marathon on but they are not happy running places on any other morning.

But my friend Brooklyn Running showed it to me, and the map I embedded below is his map.  The answer it Kent Ave to Flushing Ave.

It was a great run.  The light rain held off till I got to the Williamsburg Br and stopped when I reached Brooklyn and then the sleet started with a quarter mile to get home.

One little hiccup.  I was running on the sidewalk along Flatbush Ave.  and found it blocked by parked cars.  Yes, the sidewalk, I am not even talking about a car blocking a recreation, but the sidewalk.)  As is my habit  (my joy, my outlet,  my vigilantism)  I ran a little extra close to the vehicle, so I could fold in the mirror

It looked like it would fold in, but not so much.   I mighta broke the mirror,  who cares there was a perfectly nice parking lot across the street.  However, now that it is the next day I do not think I permanently damaged my writs and/or arm, but that was one serious wack.


You do not have to be nice!


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