Friday, December 4, 2009

I am so glad I quit my job.

I just go back from the movies.  For only the second time in 9.5 years I was not a cartoon, not in 3D, not full of people getting bonked on the head.  That is correct I saw a grown up move.  The wife and I had a night out and saw Up in the Air.  (It turns our the other grown up movie I saw with my wife in the last 9.5 years was another George Clooney move, but that is another story.)

The movie is about a man who looks very good in a suit who's job it is to fire people.  In my former job the ownership changed twice since I was hired by the women who ran the business.  In the end the ownership was some abstract group of investors that I was never introduced too.  Towards the very end, every time a man in a suit came into the office that I did not know I thought he was there to fire me.

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  1. ooo - i really want to see this one. maybe after finals!


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