Sunday, April 25, 2010

Run for the Wild (Race?) Report

The Boy and I went up the the Bronx to run the 2nd Annual Run for the Wild.  I should not dwell on it lack of "raceness", we did it last year.  It was a run/walk to race money and awareness for the plight of tigers.  At least they told the people  who wanted to walk to start after the people who wanted to run.

Anyway, driving from Brooklyn to the Bronx is always nice early on a weekend morning. (no sarcasm here).  It is a pleasure to actually drive the speed limit on the BQE  and the Bruckner.  It took us 28 minutes to get to the Bronx Zoo exit off the Bronx River Parkway and exactly 32 minutes to get into the zoo and park.  Good thing I allowed an hour of travel time.

It was nice to get into the Bronx Zoo before it really opened.  The Boy really likes the Reptile House but it can get really super crowded.  We had it to ourselves at 9:45 am.  Nice.

Sepaking of not so crowded we headed off to a corner of the zoo that gets less foot traffic that the rest.  Kinda tucked behind the new Madagascar Exhibit is the Birds of Prey building.

I could not get a photo of the Bald Eagal with out the bars showing.  Kinda ironic.  (Maybe the Tea Baggers will steal my photo for their twisted purposes.)

As an added benefit to my visit they had the 2009 NY Yankees World Series Trophy on display.  As a Met fan in the Bronx I know to be polite so I just shut up and took this photo.

I am a Met fan, but I am not stupid.

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