Thursday, July 15, 2010

DDC Day IX,, Sometimes you can not bowl.

The kids woke up this morning and decided they wanted to bowl.  Who knew?  So we jumped on the B63 bus and went to Melody Lanes.

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I took like a half an hour to get there, so I thought we were off to a great start.  WRONG.  The place was surrounded by school buses.  Oh God, SUMMER CAMPERS.  From outside the door I could hear the dreaded "I can't see a double line" and "I don't have all day."   So much negativity, I am glad my kids attend Camp Daddy.

It was 1pm and the owner said a lane would not be available till 3pm.  So we walked home.  Looking for a playground we passed this sign on the ADA ramp on a doctors office on 7th ave and 14th Street. 

We got to Prospect Park and avoided more campers by going into the woods.


  1. How odd about bowling! We bowled out in Plainview on Saturday, it was such a different experience out there.

    Plus we signed up for kids bowl free and all summer long at participating bowling alleys, kids get 2 games free per day. Then you can buy a family pass for 24.95 that lets 4 adults in your family bowl 2 games per day also all summer long, you just have to pay for shoes.

    Too bad there are no participating bowling alleys in Brooklyn, but, I am pretty sure BowlMor Lanes in the city participates.

  2. Wishing all of us in the northeast cooler weather!
    It's a little better today... rain is in the forecast... and humidity is supposed to subside!

    I hope you get to go bowling soon!

  3. Oh no. Maria. We are looking at a high of 95 and only a 30% chance of rain tonight.


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