Saturday, August 28, 2010

DDC Day XVII-XXI; Sleep-away Camp

For like forever a big chunk of my family rents a house for a week in Ocean City NJ. For the past few years the kids and I crashed on the floor for a few days.  This year I decided to make it real and we took a motel room in the next town; Somers Point.  My daughter took one look at the room in the Economy Motel Inn and Suites and decided to sleep on the floor at my cousin's house.  The boy and I had a great time leaving the seat up.  I liked the fact that the same picture of boots was on both sides of the room..  I also like the fact that the staff was very friendly and attentive.  But we were just sleeping there who cared.

But you can look at my trip there in 2008 and 2009 and I just must repeat how this is a great place to go with kids.  Since Ocean City is a dry town people who are looking for a wild and crazy time you can go to Atlantic City or Asbury Park.

This year we also took our bikes.  When we left Brooklyn it was PORING.  Click here for my comments on the rain in the New York Times.  I am comment #5.  I gotta say that it is much easier to put a bike rack on a car the second time.

You wont find these guys in Ocean City.

In Ocean City the Boardwalk looks like this.

And at the North end of the Board walk can get the greatest donuts at Browns.  The line goes slow because they make them for you.  Worth the wait.

Just past Browns is the end of the Boardwalk.  If you look strait ahead you can see the Taj Majal

So we rode our bikes to Atlantic City.  What a different vibe. In OC (Ocean City) everybody was happy.  Happy to be where they were, just enjoying the moment, they beach, the sunset, the whatever.  In AC (Atlantic City) the only people on the boardwalk were losers.  I am not insulting the crowd on the boardwalk, but the only reason to be on the boardwalk in AC is if you lost all your money.  Not a happy crowd, they were all looking for some entrainment.

In OC you can rent sorries and bikes.

In AC you get pushed.  (thanks for the image

On the way back from AC we stopped for drinks in Margate under the worlds biggest elephant. (warning clicking make music, good music, but you should know first.)

OC is also a No Smoking beach and boardwalk. In AC everybody goes outside to smoke because you can't in the casinos.

Whata nice beach
Whata nice sunset

Whata nice moon.(There is a planet there too!)


  1. Well, now I know where to go if I'm ever near Atlantic City but don't want to be there. LOL
    Thanks for the info and the tour. Sounds great.

  2. Thanks for this trip back in time for me. When I first came to the US and worked in a family in Princeton, we spent a summer month in Ocean City, in 1963. It was nice then too as I recall. I just love that Atlantic Ocean and those crazy, salty waves.


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