Saturday, August 7, 2010

I finished 776th out of 783, and that's OK

I am actually really pleased with my time in 5 mile NYRRC Team Championship race. I ran the last mile in under 10 minutes. For me it was not a 5 mile race, it was the last 5 miles of a 16 mile training run. For the third year in a row the Team Championship was the same date of the first day of the NYC Summer Streets Program.

So I left my house at 5:20am and waited at Grand Army Plaza to see if any of
my teammates wanted to join me. (None did, but I can't blame them). Below is the sunrise at 5:25 and moonset from Grand Army Plaza.
Here is the view from over the Gowanus Canal. If you really squint you can tell the time on the Williamsburg Savings Bank Building. It says 5:45

Up on the Brooklyn Bridge at 6:08

I was not the only one enjoying the sunrise

The Summer Streets "Event" did not really start yet...

The dumpster pool was not open yet.

I got to run through the Park Ave Tunnel. The past 5 times I ran the lenth of the Summer Streets there were like a million cops blocking the entrance. This morning there were none.

Last year I stopped to pee in the Grand Hyatt. This morning is peed in one of the fanciest urinals in NYC; the Waldorf Astoria. Very Nice.

Then with 20 minutes to spare I joined started the race

After we posed for a team photo. I took a photo of the photographers.


  1. If you were on a 16 mile training run, how does 777-783 feel about finishing after you...hehe.

  2. Sounds like a fun way to spend a Sat. morning. What are dumpster pools? I heard them mentioned on the news the other morning, but didn't get to hear the story on them.

  3. @ Neil. Three of the people I beat should be proud. They are members of they run for the Achilles Track club and one more of them was over 70.

    @ Java The dumpster pools are real trash collecting dumpsters (that have not been used yet). They but a liner in them and a temporary deck and let people swim. Cool.

  4. Fascinating to see the city waking up. I'm surprised at the people out sightseeing at dawn. Makes me think I should go into the centre of Edinburgh at dawn and see who's around.
    Congrats on your race!

  5. @ Linda. I live in the City that Never Sleeps. There was a bus load of tourist on the Brooklyn Bridge just to see the sunrise.

  6. Great job. Look at another bright side, at least you got your money's worth. haha

    In all seriousness, keep up the good work.


  7. I'm disappointed that you didn't include a photo of the Waldorf Astoria's urinal.

  8. David, I was gonna, but I was not alone in the bathroom so I was not going to take out my camera.


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