Sunday, August 8, 2010

Ya Can't have a bad day on Governors Island

You just can't.

It is a great place to ride a bike.

On our way there we saw that the Queen Elizabeth Mary II was in town. So we rode over to say Hi!
Here she is from the island

There is my girl being part of the art. It is called "We be" by Max Pelzman. The interesting thing is that I can find no reference to this piece of art on the world wide web. Maybe I am the first to notice it. Maybe Max Pelzman put it there without permission. Maybe I just lost my edge.

Update.  The plaque is spelled wrong his name is Max Pelzmann.  Lots of information in the web.

It happened to be Civil War Weekend they were flying a flag with 33 stars. That is how many states there were when Abraham Lincoln was President. Kinda cool. I don't understand how they are allowed to hang the Confederate Flag in the South. Didn't all the Confederate leaders commit treason and WE had to go to war with them. Why are they even allowed to wave that flag.


  1. Thanks Prospect Park, I should have seen that from the photo I posted. I will correct it.

  2. Would love to go to Governor's island one day to bike ride


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