Tuesday, October 26, 2010

More about Third Street

Third Street in Brooklyn is very interesting.  I the end of third street is this.  We marched on it here.  I took some photos here and I took these photos from the 3rd Street Bridge.  Today I saw two different cool things.

First a pick up truck with a garden in it.  It is all about  Wicked Delicate....

and it has a camera mounted in the window.  Click here for movies

and a block away this is what the Gowanus Canal looked like

Looking West is nice

 Looking Down is not nice.

and then up by Nevins Street I saw the letters spelling the words "HIGH CLASS" glued to the back of a Mercedes SUV.  I think that makes it the opposite.

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  1. Oh, yeah, if you've got to say you are, then you aren't.

    The garbage looked pretty awful, but the truck with a garden in the back is pretty cool.


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