Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Another view from up over the F & G Train

Last week I took this photo.  On another snowy day I turned to the left 90 degrees and took this.  This might be the highest spot a regular person can get to in the NYC Subway System.

The next station is know as the tallest.  The platform at Smith & 9th Street is on a bridge that goes over a road that is a drawbridge tat goes over the Gowanus Canal.  (the drawing at left is This is the work of 9th grade students at the New York Harbor School.

So Smith & 9th Street is 91 feed above sea level.  Now that there is a temporary  staircase going over the platform that goes over the road, 4th Ave might be higher.


  1. You know, your world is so different from mine that sometimes it's hard to think that we live in the same state. I haven't been to NYC since the '70's. Really should go again, I guess, just to see what it's like when the forest is made of concrete. But, I think I'd be intimidated. It's all just so big.

  2. oh, Louise. It is not all concrete. Next time I am up there I will turn the other 2 way. Stay tuned....


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