Friday, April 22, 2011

More insults to Earth Day

It is mostly Greenscaped now.  But I went down to Grand Central to see what there was to see.  Like last year the give a way tabloids.  All of their 345,053 printed copies go to the dump.  Some might be recycled.  If they really wanted to keep it green.  They could SKIP PRINTING FOR JUST ONE DAY.

At the official 2011 New York Day Exhibit City Earth  I did see some cool things.  Bio Bus is a project to put gardens on top of city buses.  Dr Ben let me climb up a ladder and look at the roof of his prototype.  The bad news is that he told me the MTA will not even take his call.  The good news is that he is friends with Wicked Delicate, the guy I blogged about who has a farm in is pickup truck..

I also met people who recycle electronic waste. The 4th Bin.  I asked them if they knew what I could do with my AAA batteries.  The sadly confirmed what I already knew.  They go in the trash with the AAs and the C batteries.

I was reassured to see there was no bottled water to be had.  Only clean, cold NYC tap water

Unfortunately, there was chemical free makeup

and organic tea in plastic bottles.

Inside Grand Central there were multi-nationals like Toyota and Toshiba trying to convince people they had to buy more things to save the Earth.  Funny, the Earth is gonna be fine.  We just wont be able to live on it any more.

George Carlin was a genius.  

"The Planet is fine.  The people are fucked."

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