Wednesday, July 20, 2011


I took 5 kids to the Central Park Zoo.  My two, their BFFs and a cousin of one of the BFFs.  The mom of the cousin was worried. "That's a lot of kids, what if one wonders off."  Not a problem.  It was easy.  10, 11 year olds are cool.  They also raise their game when you take them to the Big City.

About 30 years ago this city boy realized he was looking at a pig for the first time in his 18 year old life.  It was the great great great grandparent of this beast.

The real feel was actually 100 °.  So they gave the bunny an air conditioner of a sort.

Before we got back on the subway, we stooped for our second ice cream of the day.  When it is like a hindered degrees you can eat ice cream twice.  Wow  Wafels & Dinges is really good.  I am never going back to Mr Softee.  {insert Mr Softee joke here}

yea, that't the Plaza.


  1. Hey *******, you sure have it under control.
    With 5 kids they generally entertain themselves and the adult usually sits back.

    I notice you like to take pics of backs rather than fronts or profiles. You did a back photo of my husband and brother at the 3rd street block party too.Is it that you're afraid of being sued or you like to do photos from the back, hmmm?

    the worried mom

  2. Some people have a problem with their photo or real name being on the inernets. I don't know who they are so I respect their privacy.


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