Thursday, July 21, 2011

I get to work in Yankee Stadium

But I am not such a Yankee Fan.  I really don't give a shit about baseball but I am not a Yankee Fan.  I got a little problem with Yankee Fans.  It is not just that they are spoiled because their team wins so much.  For whatever reason the Yankees have won a disproportionate amount of games.  Whatever.  But Yankee Fans have come to expect their team to win.  They are not just disappointed, but they seam to feel that it is an abomination against nature and God that the Yankees lost.

I found out were this comes from.  In the lobby of the staff entrance to Yankee Stadium is this giant picture.

"I want to thank the Good Lord for making me a Yankee"  Joe DiMiggo

Not a good ball player, but a Yankee.

Anyway, I have been to a Met game at the new City Field.  It was a nice place to see a game.  Maybe it was the lack of people but the New Yankee Stadium seamed a little baron.  Lots of white concrete with electronic signs.  A lot like Disney World.

I thought the architecture across the street from Yankee Stadium was a lot more interesting than the stadium itself..  Below are details.

Actually a lot more interesting than.....

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