Sunday, November 6, 2011

A visit

For reasons that were not sad I found myself in a cemetery last week.

It was not a bad place to be for an hour on a cool fall day.  Kinda reminded me that the City of Brooklyn build Prospect Park because so many people were just hanging out in Green-Wood Cemetery.

Next to a fence I saw some small "stones".  There might not be anyone alive today that every new they lived at all.

But I am sure this family is remembered.

Two minutes on The Google and I found this, from a book review in The Forward for A Living Lens, Photographs of Jewish Life from Pages of The Forward
"the unspeakable tragedy of Abraham Sanders and his sole surviving daughter, Esther, solemnly posed before the graves, marked by plain stones in descending height, inscribed with the names of the six members of their family (Celia, Fannie, Bessie, Sylvia, Sarah and Irving) who perished in the Lewis Street fire of 1932."
I bet there is a similar photo in the book.

I will try to post something more cheerful next


  1. Ah, those seem sad. But I know that people just continue on. I know of a family who lost 3 children in a fire and then another one due to seizures the next year. It's more rare now, but it still happens.

    :-) Marion


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