Monday, November 7, 2011

I am the 1%

Photo credit P. Perlo 

Photo credit P. Perlo
Much less than 1%.

Today I  completed a marathon not many people can say that they ever did that.

Today I complected my second marathon of 2011, my 18th NYC Marathon and my 22nd over all.

Today my goal was to break 5 hours and I did that by 12 minutes.

The NYC Marathon is special.  I think it is the largest single day spectator sporting event on earth.  They say 2.5 Million people line the course.  Today I think half of them knew me personally. The rest knew that the PP in my shirt stood for Prospect Park

Some of the signs they held up were great.  There was the usual stuff like "Pain is temporary, pride is for ever" and "your perspiration is my inspiration."

To the right was my view of the the Verrazano bridge at 7am. At the Athletes villae someone was sitting on the grass with a sign that said "Occupy Staten Island"

Today I like the one that said "Black Toenails are sexy" and "Run like you stole something"

"Run like a Motherfucker"

Welcome to The Bronx, that get the fuck out of here"

My favorite was"Don't trust your farts after mile 20".

Much better than "Go Runners"

This was the song of the run


  1. Congrats! I NEED to run NYC soon!
    Love the signs you saw--hilarious!

  2. Ah, very good! Just excellent!<<Can't say that enough! I love the picture and hope you frame it.

    There is something very special about being in the "1%." I feel like that about being able to do back bends at age 43 and 3/4. My kids don't realize how rare it is for people to be able to do back bends at my age. Also, my bench press of 160 pounds for a woman. That must be in the top 1% too. So I totally understand what you're saying when you say, "I am the 1%."

    And, no, I'm definitely not in any good percentile for running, but I greatly admire it.

    :-) Marion

  3. Those are some funny signs! The 20 mile one is hysterical, congrats again!


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