Sunday, December 25, 2011

Ya Can Have Cold Pizza for Breakfast, But Not For Lunch on Christmas Day.

You should never get pizza from a place that is open on Christmas.  In fact you should never eat pizza from a place that was ever open on Christmas. Or Easter for that matter.

I am sure you can get pizza in 7-11 too, but why.  Really Why??

I know people who think Domino's Pizza is good.  I know them but don't trust them.

Don't get me started on people who eat pizza with fork.  (Please, click on that link.  It is one of the greatest John Stewart rants in history.)


  1. So guess what I am having for diner and I am going to make it myself...
    That clip on John Stewart raving and
    ranting is a must to see.

  2. Is there an exception for the kosher joints on Avenue J?


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