Tuesday, April 24, 2012

How long can you run?

Not how fast or how far, but how long can you run?  For haw many hours can you run?  How many days?................

I just took a road trip out to Flushing Meadow Park in Queens.  It is day 4 of the 10 day race and the 21st hour of the 6 day race.  Really.  This is the route

I joined my friend Luis Rios for his 64th mile in 21 hours. Louie said he never looks at the score board.  He also said it is not a race, but a meditation.

For more information in Sri Chinmoy races, click here.

I am sure Louie would like another visit.  This is really a fascinating event.  These are the official directions to the race, but Flushing Meadow is huge.  Just keep in mind that the course if just north of the lake.

These are the same people who helped me break 4 hours in the marathon.  Click here to read what I wrote back in the days of dial up.

Louie ran 314 miles in 6 days.  Click here for full results

Louie Rios after 21 hours and 63 miles

His $19.99 shoes he bought at K-Mart

Anne, Louie and Pat.

Where Louie keeps his stuff

The compound.  Louie did not bring his own tent so he slept in the big one, "The Barracks"

The Scoreboard was actually a busy place.

Sri was there.

Please note the date stamp on my camera was off by a year.  It was April 23, 2012.


  1. I thought Sri was in the Great Beyond, as of a few years ago

  2. Wow. I cannot comprehend how running like that is possible. That probably means that I don't really like to run.
    Awesome commentary on the sub-4hour marathon, by the way. I started crying on the race where I figured out I was going to break 4 hours. Crying. On the course. It made the last mile kinda hard.


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