Monday, October 22, 2012

We Were Gonna Buy Winter Coats

But there was no way I was going to a shopping mall.

65 degrees and sunny. We got on our bikes. First we had to run an errand over in Williamsburg, so we rod there.

We rode there quickly as to get our errand over with.  Then we took a break in Grand Ferry Park.  It was really just a few benches by the water but below is the view.  From the same spot you can see the Williamsburg and Manhattan Bridges and to the right is the Empire State Building and if you squint you can see the UN just under the giant black tower that Donald build. (shame on him!)

In the Park was the remains of a factory that sat there once.  Just its smokestack, looking like a lighthouse.

So after a little break in the park, We decided to go home the long way; via Manhattan.

The Williamsburg Bridge has a bike path too.

Nobody had to paint that eye on that wall, but it really worked.

So off to Manhattan, We stuck to the East River Bike Path and took another break at the South Street Sea Port.

We saw the strangest thing.

A line of mostly men, dressed in costumes like football players, waiting on line to watch sports on TV.  As they entered "cheerleaders" waived their pompoms in their faces.

We moved on.

We crossed back over the East River the old fashioned way.  By ferry.  We took the Ikea Ferry.

Hi Queen Mary II

Have a good trip QM II and see ya later Manhattan.

We rode around Red Hood for a while and then took another break on some of the "benches" that Ikea put behind their store.

This is the view from there.

Lady Liberty is there too.

This is the view from the end of that pier.  You actually walk under the cranes to get out there.

Then we actually locked up our bikes and went into Ikea.  We picked up dinner. Frozen Swedish meatballs, powdered cream sauce and a jar of lingonberries.  I also got a tube of fish.  Then I totally forgot that Ikea does not provide bags.  So I bought one and packed dinner into the bike basket. 


  1. What a wonderful day. Tourists should be so lucky!
    I've always liked the meatballs at Ikea, and just try to get lingonberries anywhere else in western Canada.
    I enjoyed your day. Thanks for sharing it. (And yes, shame on Donald Trump.)

  2. Talk about being spoilt today CU, this was fantastic! A tourist would never get to see all of this 'real' stuff by 'real' people. I love the pic looking up under the bridge. All of them!
    Oh, whatever is a 'tube of fish'? Is it delicious.

  3. Rose

    The third photo from the top.

    Pastej lax


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