Tuesday, October 23, 2012


That is what my kids are studying.  It is an important part of the curriculum for a proper progressive education.  I support the Left Wing Agenda

The High Line was an elevated rail line that delivered freight to the West Side of Manhattan. Many things made it obsolete.  But instead of tearing it down and making something new, it was converted into a park.  Not like Central Park, or any old playground park, but a friggen work of art.

An Elevated Garden

Can you find the bees?

With views like this.

Click to enlarge adn read.
And Billboards like this.  The first below is art.  The second is an ad.

and we can't forget we are walking through and above a neighborhood.  We can see models modeling.
 and we are in their backyard

The property owners around the High Line pay a little extra in taxes so it can exist.

I don't think they are going to complain.
Lets not forget it was a class trip.
Both kids on one trip!  This one I woulda gone back twice.

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  1. What a great happy bunch of kids!
    The High Lines history is fascinating enough, but it's redevelopment is nothing short of astounding. The creators deserve accolades.
    Terrific photos.


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