Thursday, October 25, 2012

Water, Trees and Traffic

We had a little leak in our basement.  Well, not so little. A significant leak.

It is not one of those pipes, it is the main line that enters the building.  The water is coming through the wall.  After one false alarm we were told the water would be off for 8 hours starting at 10 am on Wednesday.  So I left for my run early so I could come home and take a shower.

When I got back at 9:30 they were just digging up the sidewalk.  But the job was interrupted by an inspector form the Parks Department.

Yea, the Parks Dept.  It seams we needed a permit to dig near a tree.  Near a tree.  The permit it turns out is free, but we need to hire an arborist to make sure we don't cut the roots. At this point I let the plumbers deal with the inspector so I could go upstairs and change my smell.

Anyway, a couple of hours later, I had no water and went downstairs to see what was going on.  Ther was no arborist on site but the project did get bigger.  Apparently the valve for our building was across the street and busted.  Also, the Gas and Electric companies had to join the party so we did not cause a bigger problem.  The problem was the fact the the street not had to be closed

Which, I am told, caused traffic to be backed up for over a mile

So this is the old pipe

and this is the new pipe.

I was told by my Facebook buddies that live up the street that traffic started moving by 7pm.  They knew this because the steady din of horns had stopped.

and when I woke up for my 2 am pee, the water was on again.

and they brought the new pipe into the basement.

But back to that tree.  This is the tree the Parks Dept guy was worried about.

I don't actually remember when,  but it was probably planted since I lived here.

It is a nice tree and makes my block much better.

It will grow up and become a great tree.

Just like the ones in Prospect Park that I photographed on my run.

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  1. Goodness what an experience! You live on a gorgeous street CU.
    This is 'real life' for 'real' people. Yep, looks like the tree will live to tell more stories.


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