Friday, November 2, 2012

Not talking about the NYC Marathon Cancellation

But yesterday I rode my bike to Javits to pick up my stuff.

Another option would have been to take the free bus.  This is one of the many long lines I did not have to wait on.

Over the Manhattan Bridge and up the 1st Ave bike lane. Since passenger cars with less than three people were banned from Manhattan, there was little traffic.  Bike riding was safer there than in Brooklyn.  The should always have the HOV +3 rule in Manhattan.

I did not see a working traffic light till I made a left on 34th St.

The light was green but I stopped to enjoy the view.

I was not the only one who rode their bike.

and when I got home I got in my car just to try to get some gas.  I could not find any.

At least I did not run out like this fancy schmancy car

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  1. agreed about the HOV+3 restriction all the time! how GREAT would that be and why NOT institute it???

    and I already told my friend Marcus, the idea of running 8 loops in Prospect Park is not even remotely appealing. And considering everything I have been through to run the NYC Marathon, I will not let any other 26.2 miles be my first. I'm waiting for the real thing ;)


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