Sunday, January 20, 2013


I had a free pass to the New Your Times Travel Show at the Jacob Javits Convention Center. At first I did not think that there would be any reason for me to go, but the friend that gave me the pass told me that my kids might have fun.  Besides, the free food (samples) there would be a kids zone.  I turns out that we did have an open day and I took my kids and my daughter's bff.

They did have a lot of fun.  Nothing like unlimited free jumps on a trampoline and fun on a fake rock wall

Amazing was the fact that there were live penguins inside the convention center.  Not that there were penguins, but that it did not stink in there.

I complemented the mobile zookeeper from Sea world.  She said that they keep them clean so they don't smell.  I assumed that clean penguins smell bad.

But the really friggen amazing thing was that there was an exhibit sponsored by Coke-a-Cola.  The people in the photo below are willing to fill out a card with their names and other contact information and WAIT ON LINE for a free cup of soda.  It's fucking soda people, you are in a place where you came to plane a $10,000 vacation.  You just paid $35 or $45 to walk in the door.  Or you got in for free.  So people, go over to the food cart and buy what ever you want and enjoy it.

But I had my own foreign land travel experience in the morning.  I traveled overseas to New Jersey;  Jersey City to be exact.  I joined up with some runners there to run to Snake Hill in the Meadowlands, from the Journal Sq PATH Station.  The run there was either busy streets, through the back of an industrial park, or along train tracks.  Not what I expected from The Garden State.

Then we got to Snake Hill, which turns it is not really a hill, but a rock that was left over after the quarrying was done.  To the right is what it looks like when the grass is green.

I made it up this ridge, but not all the way to the top.

We took each other's photos.

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