Monday, January 28, 2013

My flash was off

You can imagine the rest.

Maybe I should have checked my coat. 

But my coat was not blocking my flash. I turned it off because I was gong to try to take a sneaky paparazzi photo of John Turturro who was sitting across from us on the subway ride to the museum.  Really, and absolutely nobody else noticed.  I also decided not the be the guy that took a picture of John Turturro checking his Blackberry on the 3 Train.

I long time ago I sat next to Al Franken on the 2 Train.  Things have work out pretty good for him

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  1. We had the most annoying dinner on Union Street in Park Slope sitting next to John Turturro. Why? Because we we had a table the street and he was on his cell through most of the meal. We were doing our Brooklyn best to ignore the famous neighbor. But Turturro was not doing the polite thing and getting off the phone. Plus there was a stream of gawkers passing by.


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