Monday, January 14, 2013

Hanging Trees?

It is about 3 weeks after X-mas and I assume almost everyone is discarding their tree.  That adds up to a lot of trees.

I am not sure who is responsible but most of them have been piled up at the ends of many blocks.  So in the residential parts of Park Slope about half the corners have a pile of trees on them.  That means some intersections have no trees and some have a pile on every corner.

This is 8th Ave and Union looking South

Looking North.

Below is a Google Street View during warmer times.  It looks like they were about to film a movie. Must have been a day of the week ending in "y"

View Larger Map

A couple of blocks away an interesting thing was done with some of the smaller trees.

They were hung across a rope diagonally across the intersection.

I was not the only person who thought this was photogenic


  1. -chuckle- the rope and trees? can only happen in NYC huh?
    Maybe they could put all the trees through a muncher and use the mulch in gardens in the parks in Brooklyn and elsewhere.

    1. There is in fact a huge program for people to pick up free wood chips.

  2. The trees on the wires is AWESOME! I wish whoever did that would head out here to LI and do it!


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