Monday, May 13, 2013

Brooklyn Coastline

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Yesterday I combined a long run with an opportunity to pick up my MIL.  I ran down to Sheepshead Bay. A straight line would not have been enough mileage, so I took the coastal route.

I documented a big chunk of this run here in 2009.  I was just about to type something like this.

 also ran by the Federal Prison

I did not take this picture, it is from their website. The guards were serious about "no photographs". I was not gonna push my luck. In October of 2001 I ran there. When I was a block from the building I noticed that the road was blocked by a van. I man got out wearing body armor (not just a bullet proof vest, he was like a human tank.) Then another man got out wearing the same armor but also holding the biggest gun I ever saw. The first man pointed toward Sunset Park and said, "Halt, go that way." It was the most unambiguous statement I ever heard. There was not a molecule of my body that was going to do anything but "Halt" and "go that way." No questions... The guards at Federal Prisons in October of 2001 were not taking any crap.

Below is a Google Streetview of that spot.  You will see that the Google Car could not get any closer to the building either.

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Yesterday I was allowed to run around the prison.  But I was not going to take out my phone and take any pictures.

But a few blocks away I did take out my phone.  1st Ave is home to many gate factories and warehouses.

We Have Many Workers
 But None To Spare.
Please Drive Carefully
On 1st Ave in the forties I saw this sign.

Turning around, I was this building.

You can swing around a look for yourself.

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Most of where I ran was underwater during The Storm last year. Some places are back to normal.  But, the path along the Belt Parkway was busted up in places.  Some of the stores in Caesar's Bay are still closed.  There are still mountains of sand in Coney Island.  Many homes in Manhattan Beach are still boarded up.  Not so normal.

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