Friday, November 6, 2015

This is my second Fall

No, I didn't hit the ground. This is my second Autumn of living with acute motor axonal neuropathy.

I met a few people in rehab that will only there because they fell after they came out of the hospital with something that was easily recoverable. I promised them that I would not fall down. It has been 18 months since I fell a year and a half ago I walked into my doctor's office because I was having trouble walking.

On May 6, 2014 I fell a couple of times doing normal stuff. That's why walked into my doctor's office. Over the 20 years leading so that I fell a lot. I fell hard. I got up.  It's a really hard fall when you hear the doctor say words like chronic and acute when you're laying in a hospital bed paralyzed. . 

I even had a favorite fall, and I blogged about it here. Back in 2011. I tripped on a nail on the Brighton Beach Boardwalk. I was majorly airborne right in front of a handful of old Russian guys doing shirtless calisthenics in the 10° air. They ran over to me picked me up on my pants inspected me and slot me on the ass and said "RUN".

Yeah, I don't do that anymore. I could walk and I can even break into some sort of funny run. But, I can't get my hands up in front of my face if I'm heading towards the ground. And there's no fucking way I'm going back to the hospital.

Don't forget this was me two years ago today

Fuck You CIDP or whatever

My comeback is going to make people forget about Rocky.


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