Friday, August 7, 2009

DDC Day 20: My most ambitious plan / I am livin the dream

Today we went back to Governors Island, we did that on Day 10.

But today we did not take the subway to Whitehall St. We put the bikes on the Subway at Grand Army Plaza and took the 2 Train a few stops to Borough Hall (elevator not escalator, big smile)

Then we rode our bikes over the Brooklyn Bridge. This picture of the kids actually looks clearer than I remember it. I was so proud of my kids for making it to the top of that structure I had tears in my eyes.

The Island itself is a work of art, there is also art everywhere. Children and also make art. My work of art is a picture of children making art while surrounded by art.

Then we found some swings and "just played" for a while. My kids met an eight year old girl who happened to be from our neighborhood. She said she is not saying in Brooklyn anymore. She is moving back to France. When she said that, I said "Oh are you French, I would like to thank you for that very nice statue in the harbor." She took a moment and looked at the Stature of Liberty and just smiled and said "Your Welcome, of course." I think she knew that the Green Lady was a gift from the people of France to the people of the United States.

To get home we reversed our route. But, not so easy. We were tired and it was rush hour. The Brooklyn Bridge was sticky with tourists. Keeping out of the bike lane was not on their agenda. Also there were many bikers commuting home. They were not interested in waiting for my 9 year olds to cross the bridge. But the trip was successful, in that nobody cursed us out (audibly) and nobody got hurt. Just a lot of bikers yelling ON YOUR LEFT.


  1. Those subways can be anticlimactic. But it look like you and your kids had a wonderful day. The sun was on your side!

  2. I like your attitude :)
    Live your dream!

  3. Great philosophy and marvelous outing with the kids ;--)
    Hugs and blessings,

  4. Yep it looks lot of fun...Happy Sunday. Mine is ready...


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