Saturday, July 10, 2010

Gifts must be appreciated or lost

We made a last minute decision to jump on our bikes and ride to Governors Island. It was a much better trip now that we can take a Water Taxi from Brooklyn rather then ride over the Brooklyn Bridge to get to the ferry from Manhattan. It was great to be in Brooklyn when we got off the boat, because I had a flat. Also, the spanking brand new park on Pier 6 is a great place to wait for a boat. Click here for a live view of the park!)

Earlier, this week I made a trip the the High Line and last week I spent some time under the Arch at Grand Army Plaza, and of course I spend a lot of time in Prospect Park. These are great places. Really great. But they are not the places that define NYC, not the Empire State Building, not Central Park, not MOMA, not Times Square. I guess that is what makes them special to me. They are visited by other New Yorkers, not tourists trying to get their moneys worth out of their CityPass.

So I go as often as I can. Otherwise, Donald Trump will build a golf course / casino on Governor's Island. Or McDonald's will put a drive through under the arch at Grand Army Plaza. Robert Moses wanted to pave a highway through Prospect Park.

So I make it a point to go to these places. I want to go and be counted. Otherwise 6 Flags will say they can improve NYC by putting a roller coaster on the High Line.

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